In 1855, the first railroad entered Fort Wayne. Called the Ohio and Indiana RR, it was 131 miles long and connected with Crestline, Ohio. Later, it merged with other local roads, and was known as the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago RR. It was eventually absorbed into the Pennsylvania system, the largest railroad in the world. Gilbert Kessler was a fireman, an engineer and stationmaster on the Fort Wayne to Crestline run, over a 33 year career. His descendants still live in and around Fort Wayne.
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Fort Wayne has been a good place for Kesslers to settle and raise our families. We are blessed with the Reynolds Historical Genealogy Collection of the Allen County Public Library which is one of the largest repositories of family research materials in the world! We will be posting some of our findings on this site in the near future. Please contact us with your questions and share with us some of your stories and some of your family pictures.
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