You've uncovered a trove of ORMISTON
Web Logs !!

Long Jon's silver  Old Jon's got 'nuff tales n' treasures to boil your blood. But, he ain't spillin' all's he knows!  

Cap'n Pat's island   The latch string's always out at Cap'n Pat's. But, better mind your reservations, 'cause this island is a busy place!  

Gunney's powder room   Jeffrey Mark's in charge of all gunpowder, gunshot, cannon balls, and flint. He's a real noisemaker!  

Doc's diggin's   A hidden cave of pirates' treasurers. Baubles and trinkets and bright sparkily stuff. But, step lively and beware!  

Ship's galley and stores   Rick-the-Stout is a pretty good cook - if ya' like boiled turtle and a mug o' warm rum!

Tim-the-Tall aka Greybeard   Keeps one eye on the compass and his good eye on the sextant. In a blink he'll tell you where to go!  
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