The ACPL houses the Reynolds Historical Genealogy Collection, the second largest genealogy collection in the world! The library maintains the world's largest English-language family and local history periodicals collection, and approximately 100,000 visitors come to Fort Wayne each year to check the 750,000 genealogy items at ACPL. Recent expansion has provided enhanced computer support. Microfilm machines and digital scanners now download to USB ports. and are accessible without the monthly subscription fees. Most frequently used books are now shelved in open stacks and quickly accessible from working tables and copy machines. Long waits for library staff to retrieve resources have been eliminated. An outstanding facility has been made even better!

In 2002, Hennan's ranked ACPL services fifth among public libraries serving communities of 250,000 to 499,000 population. In January, 2007 a four-year, $65,000,000 library renovation project was completed and the ACPL returned to enhanced and expanded facilities at the main, downtown location. The annual circulation of adult and juvenile books is over 3,500,000 and 1,100,000 videos and DVDs are checked out each year. The new building has 367,000 square feet of floor area, computer labs, an art gallery, a café, a used-book store, and theater with about 250 seats.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you visit the ACPL. If you are unable to do so, maybe we can help. Fort Wayne has been our home for eight generations and we have ready access to the library. Contact us to make arrangements for research services.

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We are developing a library for our own family history research. Some of our most helpful resources are cited and annotated in the lists below. We hope that the comments can help others in their quests.
Miller, John Peery, The Genealogy of the Descendants of Frederick and Mary Elizabeth Peery Miller, Xenia, Ohio: Smith Advertising Co., 1913, 103 p.  [NOTES]:   Including Leffel families, who moved from Botetourt Co., Virginia to Springfield, Clark Co., Ohio about 1818, and then to northeast Indiana about 1848. Index of names was added in 1985, 32 p.
Ormiston, Thomas Lane, The Ormistons of Teviotdale, Exeter, Devon, UK: Wm. Pollard & Co., 1951, 370 p. [NOTES]: Ormiston families in the Teviot River valley of Scotland between 550 and 1950. This dale is the traditional home of the Ormiston families. Narrative (144 p.), Pedigree charts (168 p.), Index (45 p.), Appendix, bibliography, and references (20 p.).
Ormston, W.J., The Ormistons of That Ilk, London: Privately printed, 1933, 26 pp. [NOTES]: A brochure based upon genealogy research by Lieutenant-Colonel Ormiston of Trood House, Alphington, near Exeter, Devon, England.
Van Gelder, Arthur P., Early Van Gelder Families in the United States of America, Wilmington, Delaware: Privately printed, 1945, 63 pp. [NOTES]: Begins with Johannes Van Gelder, born about 1635-1640 in New Amsterdam.
__________, Valley of the Upper Maumee River, With Historical Account of Allen County and the City of Fort Wayne, Madison, Wisconsin: Brant and Fuller, 1889, vol. I - 498 p., vol. II - 509 p., [NOTES]: "The Story of Its Progress from Savagery to Civilization." Illus.
Beidelman, William, The Story of the Pennsylvania Germans, Easton, Pennsylvania: Express Book, 1898, 254 p., [NOTES]: "Embracing an Account of Their Origin, Their History, and Their Dialect." Five appendices.
Douglas, Sir George, A History of the Border Counties (Roxburgh, Selkirk, Peebles), Edinburgh: Blackwood & Sons, 1899, 482 p. [NOTES]: Two large maps of Teviotdale and Tweeddale in 1654 by Timothy Pont. Ordnance Survey map of Roxburgh, Selkirk & Peebles in 1899, (scale 1 inch equals 2 miles). The history of the Borders counties from the Roman troop withdrawal in the 400's to the agricultural improvements and the romantic influence of Sir Walter Scott in the 1800's.
Scott, Sir Walter, The Monastery, revised edition, Edinburgh: Cadell and Co., 1830, 496 p. [NOTES]: A romantic historical novel concerning the fall of Melrose Abby and the struggles of Catholicism with Reformation. The antagonist, Julian of Avenel, was modeled after James, the Black Laird of Ormiston. In the public domain and available for free as a 1.0 Mb eBook download. Send request to e-mail contacts displayed in green above.
Totten, Christine M., Roots in the Rhineland, New York: German Information Center, 1983, 80 p., [NOTES]: "America's German Heritage in Three Hundred Years of Immigration 1683 - 1983."
Whitehead, W.Y., PhD, History of Ormiston, Haddington: D and J Croal, 1937, 148 p., [NOTES]: History of John Cockburn's village of Ormiston as written by the minister of the Ormiston parish. Also a guided tour through the parish as it existed in 1937.
Woehrman, Paul, At the Headwaters of the Maumee: A History of the Forts of Fort Wayne, Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Society, 1971, illus., index, 306 p., [NOTES]: " ... from the end of the Revolutionary War to 1819, when the post served not only as military installation but also as headquarters for a United States Indian Agency and Indian factory."
Cahill, Thomas, How the Irish Saved Civilization, New York: Doubleday, 1995, 246 p. [NOTES]: "The Untold Story of Ireland's Heroic Role from the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe."
Herman, Arthur, How the Scots Invented the Modern World, New York: Random House, 2001, 472 p. [NOTES]: "The True Story of How Western Europe's Poorest Nation Created Our World and Everything in It."
1390-1460 Map Scotland, Compiled from maps drawn by Velhagen and Klafing, Germany. Source: Shepherd, Wm. R., Atlas of Medieval and Modern History, New York: Henry Holt, 1932. [NOTES]: Seven-color JPEG image 10.5 in. x 13.5 in. at 300 dpi. resolution, (scale 1 inch equals 25 miles). Shows Scottish West, Middle, and East Marches and the English Marches. Available for purchase. Send request to e-mail contacts displayed in green above.
1799 Map Ormiston Parish, Haddingtonshire, East Lothian, Scotland. Surveyed by William Forrest. Source: National Library of Scotland. [NOTES]: Grey JPEG image 17 in. x 19 in. at 144 dpi. resolution, (scale 1 inch equals 3/8 mile). Available for purchase. Send request to e-mail contacts displayed in green above.
Blaeu, Joan, Atlas Maior, Vienna: Joan Blaeu, 1665. Source: Original in Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek, Vienna.   [NOTES]:  "The Greatest and Finest Atlas Ever Published." Original comprised of 594 hand-colored maps in 11 volumes. Reprinted in one volume by Barnes and Noble, 2006, 415 p.

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