Royal Scots Guards Pipers wearing the Royal Stuart tartan reserved for the royal family.


  Question : Who is entitled to wear a tartan?
  "... there is no such thing as the 'right' to wear any tartan. The dictionary definition of rights lists three kinds: legal, moral and divine. Since it has never been suggested that any use of tartan is illegal, immoral or ungodly, it is meaningless to talk about anybody's right to any tartan. The whole question is a matter of good or bad taste. Remembering this will help to keep things in perspective."

(Reference: J. Charles Thompson, So You're Going to Wear the Kilt, Arlington, VA, 1989.)

The Ormiston family, for the most part, originated in the Roxburghshire district along the banks of the River Teviot. It is customary, therefore, for Ormistons to wear the Roxburgh District Tartans.

Some Ormistons, for various reasons, may choose to wear any of a number of national or universal tartans which are in general use.

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