Scottish Thistle       the National Flower of Scotland



  What is a tartan?    What is a plaid?    What are cheques?   
Do you mean to tell me that they aren't all the same thing?
  Who is entitled to wear a tartan?
Wearing a tartan is more a matter of good taste than of entitlement.
  Why do some tartans have so many different color effects?
Modern, ancient, muted, weathered, reproduction, dress, and hunting
  What are the origins and history of tartans?
Identification and independence, royal decree, and Sir Walter Scott's revival
  See examples of the Roxburgh District Tartans
These are the most popular tartans for members of the Ormiston family. Many varieties and color combinations of the Roxburgh Red Tartan exist. The Roxburgh Green Tartan is out of production and very challenging to locate. Weaver's thread counts are provided for special orders and creative projects.
  See several examples of National or Universal Tartans
At least a dozen national or universal tartans are in general use. Some are very new and some of these date from before 1850. Popular with families who have no affiliation with a clan or district.
  See an example of the Cockburn Clan Tartan
The "Cockburn of Ormiston" tartan is affiliated with the Cockburn family, who owned land in Clerkington, Langston and Ormiston. This tartan is not affiliated with the family of Ormiston.
Why is the thistle a Scottish national symbol?
An early warning system foils an attack on Scotland in the thirteenth century.
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