"Cuimhnich air
na sluagh o'n
d'thainig thu."
the people
from whom
you came."

James Ormiston sailed from Leith, near Edinburgh Scotland on 03 APR 1835 on board the ship Margaret Bogle. He arrived at the port of New York on 29 MAY 1835. He celebrated his twentieth birthday while at sea. James moved from Genesee County, New York to Indiana with Lewis Beden and his daughter Clista about 1840. James and Clista were married in Allen County 10 DEC 1842. Their descendants still live in and around Fort Wayne.  
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When James and Clista arrived in Allen County, they met Dr. James Ormiston and his wife Agnes (Oliver). When Dr. James retired from his medical practice in the 1850's, the couple returned to Springfield, New York to live with Oliver relatives.   We have traced the ancestors of Dr. James and Agnes back sixteen generations in Scotland. We are searching for the link between the two Jameses.  
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Fort Wayne has been a good place for Ormistons to settle and raise our families. We are blessed with the Reynolds Historical Genealogy Collection of the Allen County Public Library which is one of the largest repositories of family research materials in the world! We will be posting some of our findings on this site in the near future. Please contact us with your questions and share with us some of your stories and some of your family pictures.
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The Roman emperor Hadrian visited Britain in 121 AD, and ordered a wall to be built to separate the Romans to the south from the "barbarians" to the north. This project ran for 73 miles across open country and took six years to complete. Hadrian's Wall defined the border between present-day Scotland and England. It was in this "borders" area that the Ormiston ancestors sprang.  
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Does Ormiston really mean "someone from the town of the serpent?"
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Three bleeding pelicans on a silver shield and the Ragman's Roll
Frequently asked questions about Ormiston tartans
The Ormistons weren't a highland clan. What tartan can I wear?
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Mainly in East Lothian and Roxburghshire. Some in Fife.
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